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Sunday, July 18, 2004

Dirty Liberals Threaten Fox's 'Fair & Balanced' Trademark

Those Michael Moore-loving communists who brought you Outfoxed are now planning to sue Fox News Channel. Cablenewser thinks he's on to their plan:

Exclusive: MoveOn.org and Common Cause will announce "two major legal actions" against FOX News -- and now we have a hint at what they are. Two specific issues will be addressed by the legal actions. The trademark "Fair and Balanced" will be challenged at the Federal Trade Commission, CableNewser hears. And the other issue relates to elections. In the film, Greenwald claims that FOX is an extension of the Republican party. Could they be complaining to the FEC...? Details will be released at 10am Monday. (Hat tip: Johnny Dollar)

We're not too sure about the sourcing here. "CableNewser hears?" "Hat tip: Johnny Dollar?" What is this, an above-the-fold Times story?