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Friday, October 15, 2004

Breaking: Internet Buzzes over Crossfire Casualties

While the transcript has yet to be posted, the Web is buzzing about the confrontational interview of Jon Stewart on Crossfire.

Daily Kos provides excerpts (not in chronological order):

"Youre as big a dick as you are on any show" - Jon Stewart to Tucker Carlson


[Stewart:] We need help from the media, so Im here to confront you


[Stewart:] The media is failing miserably. It is painful to watch. You have the opportunity to knock politicians off of their mark, instead you offer knee-jerk reactionary talk. PLEASE STOP!


[Stewart, in response to plea from Tucker to be funny:] No, I wont be your monkey


[Stewart:] We look to present the absurdity and theater of politics. Thank you both. I watch Crossfire every day.


[Stewart:] Bush says Kerry's rhetoric doesnt match his record. Well, Bush's RECORD doesnt match his record!

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Wonkette: "Score: Fake News 1, Grown Men in Bow Ties 0."