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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Does O'Reilly Dispute Mackris' Quotes?

USAT quotes Mackris' counsel as saying, "The most striking element that should be noted is that neither Fox nor Bill O'Reilly deny the specific behavior Ms. Mackris alleges in her complaint."

O'Reilly's complaint opens with a reference to "a scandalous and scurrilous claim based on alledged inappropriate comments" and refers to "the baseless nature of Mackris's claims" several paragraphs down, yet O'Reilly's lawyer thinks Mackris recorded the conversations and he wants to hear the tapes.

The closest O'Reilly's attorney comes to saying he didn't make the statements is, "O'Reilly believes he knows what he said and didn't say, so he does not expect to be surprised by what any tape contains."