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Monday, October 18, 2004

Assorted Falafel Filling

Bill O'Reilly is having quite the hard time in the media lately. The story's latest eight headlines on Google News are:

O'Reilly May Need Top Spin This Time
Report: Fox May Fire Producer Who Sued O'Reilly
Fox News Covers for Bill O'Reilly
O'Reilly at the Whipping Post
O'Reilly's Turn at the Whipping Post
Sexual Harassment Factor

Yikes. You'd think he had a lot of enemies or something.

Fox News is attempting to fire O'Reilly's accuser, but wants a court to first rule that this would not be considered retribution. In the mean time, Mackris is barred from going to work, and hasn't been to her office or picked up her paycheck since she and O'Reilly traded lawsuits Wednesday. I realize she couldn't effectively work under O'Reilly now, but News Corp. is a pretty big company -- couldn't she just be transferred somewhere?

Predictably, O'Reilly's ratings surged on Thursday. Laura Ingraham thinks it's CNN's fault, but I somehow doubt CNN's 31 minutes of coverage has much to do with it. It's a celebrity scandal, Laura. People are interested.

Several readers have tipped me to an online forum message written by O'Reilly accuser Andrea Mackris in 2003, to which people are now posting all kinds of fascinating responses. I suggest, however, if you want to waste your time having O'Reilly-related fun, you try The Falafel Game.