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Saturday, October 02, 2004

McEnroe vs. Boiling Water
The cancellation of CNBC's Capital Report was reported Thursday by TVNewser, yet the show was also the second-highest rated on the network that day. This is nothing new for NBC's cable division: when The Phil Donahue Show was cancelled by MSNBC in the run-up to the war, it was MSNBC's #1 highest-rated show.

In other CNBC news (how boring is that phrase?), McEnroe had its worst night ever on Thursday, according to TVNewser. NYDN reports that the show was 833rd of 834 shows in the cable ratings Monday, ahead only of the Food Network's "How to Boil Water."

And while we're on the topic of almost interesting cable news, Robert Novak is in the hospital:

Before we go tonight, we want to bring you news about one our colleagues, Bob Novak, who was injured in an accident in Miami, Florida, this morning. He is under going right now a partial hip replacement. So keep him in your prayers.

BEGALA: And he did say, instead of flowers, send money to Billionaires for Capital Gains Tax Cuts.



(Cit.: CNNFan)

Update: WaPo has even more Novakian details you're not interested in.