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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Reports: Sinclair Loses Advertisers Over Film Plans

Liberal blogs are claiming a handful of companies have pulled advertisements from Sinclair-owned stations and websites today. They reportedly include an auto dealership and realtor in Ohio, a furniture store in Minnesota and a law firm in Florida. USAT's David Lieberman writes that investors, regulators and the Democratic Party are asking questions about Sinclair's move, with FCC Commissioner Michael Copps calling it "an abuse of the public trust," while WaPo's Howard Kurtz and Frank Ahrens provide background on the family-owned company.

Sinclair's stock price has suffered in the last two days of trading with more activity than normal, while a one-year chart shows this is part of a larger downward trend.

In addition, the Democratic Party has set up its own Sinclair webpage, and the Anti-Defamation League has joined in, objecting to a Sinclair executive's use of the phrase "Holocaust deniers" in reference to other broadcasters' treatment of Kerry's Vietnam-era activities.