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Sunday, July 18, 2004

Outfoxed: The Lawsuit

In Fox News's failed lawsuit against Al Franken, judge Denny Chin said that Fox's trademark "Fair and Balanced" is weak because of its wide use in the public marketplace.

A group of liberal organizations is now trying to challenge Fox's trademark, but they're not just arguing that it's not a valid trademark. According to legal documents obtained by Cablenewser, they're arguing that Fox shouldn't be able to use the phrase at all, asserting that Fox is not fair and balanced.

Meanwhile, Editor's Notes is preparing its own lawsuit against the network, arguing that while Fox does indeed report on many things, we very rarely make any decisions regarding said reports. It's a shame that we're the first to say it, but Fox's blatantly dishonest "We Report, You Decide" campaign has got to be stopped.