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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

FalafelGate: O'Reilly Attacks Mackris' Credibility

O'Reilly's lawyer is putting forward a Manhattan restaurant owner to challenge Mackris' credibility. The restaurateur, Matthew Paratore, says Mackris told him she wanted to take down O'Reilly to write a book, says she once dined with Al Franken, and says she was banned from the bar for drunken sexual rants and come-ons.

Mackris' lawyer dismissed the claims:

"Andrea never wrote a book, she never went to a publisher," he said. "And what would a book have to have in it to bring down a company as big as Fox?

"This is ridiculous. They have got nothing and they are grasping at straws," Morelli said. "They can find witnesses to say anything about anybody, but unless they have proof it's worthless."