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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Stewart v. Koppel: It's War!

Lloyd Grove:

It looks like "Nightline's" Ted Koppel and "The Daily Show's" Jon Stewart - who had words on the air during the Democratic Convention over who's to blame for a badly served viewership - still aren't ready to kiss and make up.

"I wouldn't touch him," Koppel told TV Guide's Stephen Battaglio, who asked if the ABC News star was willing to give the satirist a hug.

Stewart also begged off. "If I had known," he said, "I would have showered."


In their latest encounter, Stewart argued: "There is something to the idea that the news media could be doing a better job of being arbiters of hypocrisy or absurdity. Ted - with the credibility he has earned over the years - could take a more activist role."

Koppel answered: "To the degree we have any disagreement, he's pushing me to be more opinionated on the air. ... The minute the opinion expressed is anti-Bush or anti-Kerry, that person who feels skewered will immediately say, 'Well, "Nightline" used to be a legitimate news program.'"

Stewart insisted: "As long as you stick to your barometer of truth - if you're a guy that goes out there night after night and demonstrates your integrity and your credibility - you can pull it off."