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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Exclusive: Air America to Land in San Francisco

Putting two and two together, the liberal Air America network will begin broadcasting in liberal San Francisco this Tuesday, September 28, according to a well-placed little birdie. It will be Clear Channel's KABL 960 making the switch from nostalgia to liberal talk, the eleventh Clear Channel station to make the switch so far. Air America lists 31 stations in 30 cities on its website, plus two satellite radio services. In addition, KXXT 1010 Phoenix switched from conservative to liberal talk this morning.

Update: Apparently, an ad in Thursday morning's Chronicle, page E8, says, "The sound of Bay Area radio is about to change forever. Be there. 960 AM this Tuesday September 28."

Update: It's confirmed. The new station will be renamed KQKE, "The Quake."