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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Spin Room

Daily Howler: MemoGate-like lapses more common than media lets on; Sheryl Gay Stolberg originated, misquoted oft-repeated Kerry Nascar comment. ... FAIR: Rather's been sloppy before. ... Cori Dauber: "Stunning indictment" that Rather called Burkett an "unimpeachable source." ... Dan Kennedy equates damage of Jack Kelley, Jayson Blair, and MemoGate scandals. ... Danny Schecter: "When Rather's critical, he's ignored. When he messes up, he's page one." ... MRC: Liberal bias permeated CBS News handling of MemoGate. ... MediaMatters: "Terrorists want Kerry" talking point common in media; USA Today mischaracterizes $87B bill; Judy Woodruff misquotes Kerry to accuse him of flip-flopping; Carl Cameron exaggerates Kerry statements as calling Bush "warmongerer." ... News Hounds: Fox only cabler to talk over Kofe Annan; Fox soft-peddles GOP senators' Bush criticism; Carl Cameron can't jibe Kerry giving Bush threat of force and Kerry not approving of going to war; Fox heavily playing MemoGate, allegations of Kerry coordination; More playing up of MemoGate. ... Johnny Dollar: News Hounds gets it wrong in post on Fox News, oil-for-food scandal. ... Mudville Gazette: Corporate news bias doesn't mean conservative news bias; lots of editorial cartoons on MemoGate ... ConWebWatch derides WorldNetDaily's assertion that it's not a conservative outlet. ... AIM sees ethical violations at AP and Reuters. ... Backspin: Reuters acknowledges intimidation into using neutral language about terrorism.