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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

That Dan Rather Keeps Causing Trouble


SEATTLE - Paul Fellows had just dropped his daughter off at school when he saw Joe Miller along the side of the street near Green Lake, holding a handmade cardboard sign saying "CBS lied."


While Miller believes CBS deliberately used bad documents, Fellows believes differently, and pulled over to share his opinion.

"I drove up alongside of him and I rolled down my window and said CBS was duped and the Republicans did it. Instead of engaging me in conversation, he kicked in the side of my car," said Fellows.


Ultimately, both men called 911 and an officer wrote up a report about the broken window and dented car.

I applaud Mr. Miller's enthusiasm for media accuracy, though I think we can all agree that he should limit his passion to his own property and never post any comments here.

(Cit.: Lost Remote.)